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Innovative MUGA in Finchampstead, United Kingdom

HAGS worked in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council to develop an innovative Multi- Use Games Area (MUGA), aimed at tackling inactivity, encouraging community spirit and promoting the practice of different sports for all ages and abilities.

2017-05-12 10:59:00

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Outdoor Gym, Charlotte Corday stadium, Mondeville

The project was spearheaded by Paolo Boulent, director of Mondeville city council' sports department and ex-professional athlete, and is part of a wider programme launched by the council to improve the city's sports provision and encourage the residents to work out regularly.

2017-05-12 10:30:00

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Multi-Play Unit with Integrated Shade, Marseille, France

This Alanis UniPlay unit and UniMini Eima have been installed in a holiday camp in Marseille. The two multi-play units cater for a broad age range and extra protection against the sun is provided on the Alanis structure. Test copy.

2017-05-08 09:52:00

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Multifunktionell träningsutrus

Artikelnummer: 8061243


  • Produkt #: 8061243
  • Gamla Ref. siffra #: FS039(002)
  • Åldersgrupp: 14+
  • Produkttyper: Skivstångsställningar & Stativ
  • Modell: Multi Purpose Fitness Frame
  • Färg: Grön


Teknisk information

  • Monteringstid: 14 timmar
  • Längd (mm): 3440 mm
  • Bredd (mm): 2670 mm
  • Höjd (mm): 2270 mm
  • Nettovikt: 240 kg
  • Volym (m3): 0,4 m³
  • Fallhöjd (mm): 1150 mm
  • Säkerhetsområde Bredd (mm): 6050 mm
  • Säkerhetsområde längd (mm): 6430 mm
  • Förankring: PlatsGjutning